Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Boundaries

I'm loving my life, loving my family, loving my husband, loving Puss in Boots :D

wardrobe : Scarf by Dian Pelangi
Jacket by Magnolia
bag : BALLY (hubby's ^^)
black hareem pants presents from mom


  1. these pictures are fabulous. Love your blog, hun. totally following. I hope you'll take a sec to check out mine. It's all about moving from a small town to taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

  2. I went to your blog!!nice fashion picts!I like it!!

  3. Halo.. nice blog. Mo nanya deh. Lo dulu SMA-nya dimana ya kalo boleh tau? soalnya mirip temen gw di SMUN 90. Ayu juga namanya. Is it you?

  4. Hi!
    How are you?
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  5. Soorry mww nanyaaaa mbaa,ak mw nanyae soal make up prewedding ,soalny g ad contact num..makasii :)


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