Monday, September 21, 2015

My Fall Makeup Look!

Hi guys!

Uwoow how are you all? It has been soo long since my last post. So this time (finally) gw nge post lagi. I just posted a video on my youtube channel, zee link iz Go check it out ya guyss..

I share my own interpretation of Fall makeup look. As we all know, kita yang tinggal di negara katulistiwa tercinta ini tidak mendapatkan keistimewaan untuk merasakan 4 musim. We only have 2 seasons!(hiks) Which is, summer and rainy season. Kalau sekarang sepertinya kita udah masuk rainy season, walaupun awan belum menandakan hawa2 hujan segera turun. Kemarin aja baru mendung-mendung dikit. Eh tapi di Bandung katanya udah hujan es sih. Okay stop blabing.
I envy you guys who live in 4 season country, you can wear long coat without feeling too hot, leather jackets and those boots! Aaaa...
BUT, we can still rock this fall makeup look. Kita bisa pakai makeup look ini untuk ke acara-acara night party, maybe your family dinner party, kondangans, anything! Except graduation party ofcourse, nanti Rektor nya siyok .
Press PLAY!
Okay, without further a do, here are the list of zee makeup products that I used in the video.

Monistat chafing gel for that soft texture skin
Urban decay Naked foundation
MAC Mineralized concealer for undereye.
Kryolan NG2 for shading
Make over Finishing powder No.05 Snow
MAC Painterly Paintpot
PAC brown eyeshadow no.P08
Sephora Microsmooth Baked Collection
Silky Girl Gel liner in black
Maybelline Magnum Volume mascara
FAboulashes no F006
Makeup Forever eyeliner AQUA eyes
Maybelline Expert Finishing Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in Chocolate
Make over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake
Make over face contour kit
Rimmel Bronzer 022
MAC Blush in MELBA
EOS lipbalm
LASplash Lip Couture Malevolent
Sephora RED lipstick

Oya almost forgot! Di akhir video ada hijab tutorial lho. I did a tutorial on this easy turban that I wore on video. 

Thank you so much for reading, leave your comments and request ya kira2 lebih pengen melihat postingan apa dari saya. Love you all xoxo
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