Sunday, January 22, 2012

Manoeuvre ??

Hi everyone,

I'm still in Cebu, Philippine right now. There's not much to do around here though, but as long as me and my husband is together, that's fine. *grin*
As you can see in my facebook page couple days ago, I uploaded some pictures when me and my husband's friends were flying with Seneca II (it's a small tour aircraft--I dunno much about these Cessna, Seneca, small aircraft thingy).
It was some experience, because the pilot, which was a student here also--yes, a student (the name is Adi), took us with his manoeuvre flight! I'm a fan of an adrenalin ride such as roller coaster and stuffs, but this one (for me) was too much! At some point he just lifted us to a certain height, and then drop us to a lower height (in a SUDDEN move). Gosh...Thank God we landed safely.*_*
It was a nice landing though!(good job Adi!yay) Anyway, here goes the pictures...

me wearing Aluyya scarf in green
gray shirt -- no label
Green Aluyya's Sukira pants
Bag -- Gucci
shoes -- little things she needs

yes that's Seneca II (built in 1981 I guess)

Husband, me, Adi, Wika
the famous Chocolate Hills

on the airplane before the manouvre -___-

Thanks for reading,


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  1. pasangan serasi deh ayu .. ;)

    seneng yah ga jauhan lagi sama suami :)


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