Saturday, December 10, 2011

Singapore Trip -- Part 2 -- USS

Getting ready for the USS (Universal Studio Singapore) trip for the first time! I got really exited but not as exited as my husband ^___^ I got lack of sleep the other night, look at my puffy eyes (also puffy cheek, puffy nose, lalalala..) You will also notice the difference in my hijab styling, blame it on the hot weather and my leather jacket!! I wore the wrong costume, thank God I did not pass out.

the puffys
looking good,eh?

yay we're here!

The fun went until around 4 pm, after that we're very tired--I was exhausted, but overall it was really fun!!
thanks for reading



  1. Salaam, mba Ayu.. ak lagi blog walking ajah, pas lihat poto suami dan mba Ayu kayanya pernah kenaal.. di ESQ bukan yaa.. maaph kalau salah orang, tapi rasanya benerr.. hehe.. lama bangeet ga ketemu mba Ayu.. wajah suami nya juga familiar jadi ATS.. hmmm.. bener ga yaa.. yuli di Majalah NEbula... (duluuuu...) salaam yaakk..


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