Friday, February 18, 2011

Republika Newspaper

Assalamualaikum wr wb
Hi again...This time I'd like to post an article about me in Republika Newspaper(Friday Feb 18th 2011 issue).It's not like I'm bragging or's just something that I want to share with you..and hopefully this article could meant sumthing for you who read it...
I got the chance to be interviewed for this article because of Inez...hi Ineeez...*waving* She got interviewed first and then Mr. Daman (the Republika's journalist)asked for a person who can be interviewed next..and then don't know why, Inez remembered me...*I know you love me so well Inez..ngahahaha...
O goes the article...this article only explains my background about wearing hijab,why I wore them etc...I really hope this article could be some kind of reinforcement for someone who wants or maybe allready wearing hijab...:)Insya Allah..

Click here to read it better...:D


  1. ihiiyy...ini toh trnyata yang mba ayu ada direpublika..cihuy deeeh,,hehe

  2. Ayuu.. miss U soo muchh .. ;) terkenang masa kuliah neh klo liat ayu . hihihih ... Seneng d liat ayu skrg, sukses lahir batin kyanya (Amieennn:)) Smoga makin sukses terus ya ayuuuu .. Mmmuuaaacchh :-*

  3. semoga apa yg kau raih tidak menjadikan kesombongan bagimu...

  4. @musikberbagi Amiiin semoga Allah selalu menjaga hati saya :)

    @Hani Han haaaaan...terima kasih ya darliing...kangen jugaaa


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